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Our Mission

Solar Mission is a Movement

We founded Solar Mission because we truly believe everyone should use solar energy, but unfortunately many home owners were being misled by false information and inexperienced reps, so we wanted to provide a solution!

We are not a solar installer directly, but rather a solar consulting company that ensures ALL home owners are guided correctly by experts and guarantee they will have a positive experience, if their home qualifies of course.

Our number one recommendation is to first see if your home actually qualifies and then get fully educated on solar. This will help you take better, more informed decisions.

Why go Solar?

Qualifications to go solar

Before we jump into the benefits of solar energy let’s first go over the requirements for your home to be feasible for solar.

First of all it is important you have little to no shading. If your home doesn’t have enough sunlight exposure during the day you could still install a solar system but it will not produce the same amount of energy resulting in less savings. This is why good solar companies require a site survey to ensure that the property does have enough solar exposure and the home owner will see substantial savings.

Secondly your roof needs to be in good condition. We DO NOT recommend installing a solar system if your roof needs to be replaced in the next 2 years. The reason is that in order to change the roof you would need to take the solar panels off and then put them back on which costs anywhere from $500-$1,500 depending on the system size. What we do recommend is including the roof cost within the solar proposal. Since it is a necessary step to install solar you will also get a tax credit on the roof replacement.

Last but not least you need a good credit score, unless of course you are paying cash. The financial institutions usually require a 650 credit score for a home improvement loan and interests can range anywhere from 2.99% to 7.99% depending on the financing terms and credit score.  

We know some people ask themselves, “Why hasn’t everybody gone solar if it is so good for home owners?” Well not everybody qualifies for solar. Home conditions or a poor credit score can prevent a buyer from qualifying. But the main reason is most people simply do not have enough information or don’t fully understand how solar works.

If your home does qualify, using solar power is a no brainer. Why would you want to keep using dirty energy that contaminates our environment when you can produce clean and renewable energy at a lower cost and save money from day one? It is all a matter of getting educated on solar (like you are right now) and finding out if your home is good for solar energy.

Solar Benefits

Now moving forward to the exciting part:

The benefits of going solar!

So before due to really high upfront costs most home owners were financially enable to go solar.  Now with government support, everyone that qualifies can go solar with $0 down, making solar accessible to the majority of families in America.  Financial institutions will literally finance the entire project including all material, permitting, and installation costs so you DO NOT have to invest a penny out of pocket.

Once your solar panels are installed you will see immediate savings. Solar energy is more efficient and cheaper to produce than burning fossil fuels in a power plant and having to pay fuel and fees to transport it to your home. Duke energy, for example, charges upwards of 14-15 cents per kWh (kWh is the measurement used to determine the amount of energy consumed) and these charges will continue to increase an average of 3.84% annually.

On the other hand, solar energy has a cost of 10-12 cents per kWh (when it is priced right) so from the beginning you will see a 20-40% savings compared to what you were paying your energy provider. As an example, an average household in Florida uses 15,000 kWh of energy a year.  Using Duke Energy they would pay roughly $2,150 for energy in 2020.  Solar energy could produce that same amount of energy for $1,650. That is 28% less and they would save $600 in their first year with solar.

Most importantly is that you would OWN your solar system instead of “renting” energy from another company. This is why homes with solar increase their equity 4.1% on average and sell faster according to a national research led by Zillow. Remember that if you pay a utility for energy you will be paying them for life. By buying your solar system you will have a monthly payment at first (which is still lower), but when the system is paid off you will keep producing energy at $0 cost because you OWN the system and it has a life span of 30-40 years. The only thing you would pay at that point is the costumer charge from your utility which is no more than $10 a month.

Lastly the reason why people say NOW is the time to go solar is because of the federal tax credit available. Since 2016 home owners have received a 30% FTC (Federal Tax Credit) for going solar. In 2020 this tax credit drops to 26% which is still good but in 2021 it will drop to 22% and then in 2022 to 10% for commercial properties only. So if you have considered going solar, now is the best time to do it!

It is important to understand that this tax credit will be a return of the taxes you paid during the year and have up to 3 tax cycles to claim it. In other words if you get a $6,000 FTC for going solar and you paid $10,000 in income tax you could claim the tax credit in the first year. If you only paid $2,000 in taxes you could claim that amount in year one and have a $4,000 credit for the next two tax cycles.

If you pay enough income tax you should consider buying a solar system this year. If you do not pay income tax, there are other special programs you can still qualify for which are very beneficial.  Simply contact us and we will help you go solar at no upfront cost too.

How does solar work

In a nutshell, in Florida there’s a Net Metering Program where instead of having to buy a power wall to store the energy your system produces, you would simply store it in your utility’s grid and use it when needed.

So during the day your system is producing energy and all the excess received, that is not used, is sent back to the grid. All this energy sent to your utility will start adding up and you will earn “energy credits” that will then be sent back to you at night when your system is not producing energy.

The credits are one for one meaning you will be fully compensated for the energy produced and when there is a cloudy or rainy day, all these credits that you have accumulated will be sent back to you so you will never be without energy in your home.

This net metering program saves home owners in Florida money, because a good power wall to store energy costs anywhere from $8,000-$12,000. With this program no power wall is needed, as it is stored in the grid and monitored with a bi-directional meter installed by your energy provider.

Special Homeowner Giveaway!

So by now we hope you have a better understanding of the qualifications and benefits of going solar!

This special giveaway is simply an additional incentive for home owners to get educated on solar energy. It is our mission to guide you correctly and by allowing us to do so you automatically participate in our monthly giveaway.

All you have to do is click the button below to schedule a consultation with one of our solar experts and we will be more than happy to educate you on renewable energies.

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